Karlukovo Karst Geocomplex

hiking trail
Located: 8 km away from Lukovit, on the road Lukovit - Karlukovo.
In Use Since: 2006.
Part Of: the Iskar-Panega Geopark.
Lovech Region


  • 2004-2006 - Building of the geocomplex: project Creating an Integrated Tourist Product for Improving the Sustainable Economic Development of the Lukovit District, the PHARE Development of Bulgarian Ecotourism Program.

BARET Participation: Created the project; participated in the geocomplex building, and the preparation of promotional materials.

Sights: Prohodna, Svirchovitsa, Strupanitsa, Zadanen dol; a typical karst area with many sinkholes, rock formations (Kuklite, Strupanitsa) and caves.

tourist base
wheelchair access
drinking water
picnic area
picnic shelter
deciduous vegetation
technical rock climb

Nearby Sites: Panega Riverside Landscape Park.

Duration: depending on how many of the geocomplex points of interest you intend to visit - 1 or 2 days with an overnight stay.

Difficulty Level: easy.

Season: April - October.

Equipment: hiking shoes.

The town of Lukovit - Diplomat Plaza Hotel; the National Speleological House "Petar Tranteev."
food service
The town of Lukovit.

The Karlukovo Karst Geocomplex includes points of interest that are not situated close to one another. You would need a guide to visit all of them.