Golyama Garvanitsa Geocomplex

point of interest
Located: 21 km away from Letnitsa.
In Use Since: 1991.
Lovech Region


  • 1991 - Thanks to Peter Petrov's efforts, Golyama Garvanitsa gets a protected status and is saved from destruction. Initially, it is accessible for scientific studies only.

Sights: the largest natural karst chasm in the country; descending to the bottom of the chasm on a metal ladder.


Nearby Sites: Krushuna Ecotrail.

Season: all year round.

Equipment: hiking equipment.

Kroshun Hotel; private houses in the village of Krushuna.
food service
Kroshun Hotel.

People with a fear of heights might find the descent challenging.

Golyama Garvanitsa