Bulgarian Trails National Program

One of our main activities is the development of the Bulgarian Trails National Program. It comprises a network of specially devised, most often circular trails traveling through beautiful and well-preserved areas. The series of wooden structures, such as bridges and platforms, make it possible for people to view otherwise inaccessible natural phenomena - gorges, extraordinary rock formations, waterfalls and many more. The trails are created in accordance with 20 criteria concerning the choice of place and design.

View from the Dryanovo Ecotrail

First came the ecotrails, where the main attraction is wildlife; the geotrails followed - with emphasis on inanimate nature; finally, the heritage trails, featuring Bulgaria's cultural and historical heritage.

The Beginning

It all started casually, with an overheard conversation about the impending destruction of some natural formations (the Garvanitsa and Krushuna cases). Thanks to Peter Petrov's decisive efforts, the sites were given protected status. Later, a series of ladders and bridges were constructed, in order to facilitate scientific observation of these formations. As a result, the first ecotrail and the first geocomplex in Bulgaria appeared, and soon became favorite places for tourists.