Zagrazhden Ecotrail

hiking trail
Located: 30 km away from Banite.
In Use Since: 2007.
Smolyan Region


  • 2005 - Field survey and design of the ecotrail.
  • 2007 - Building of the ecotrail.

BARET Participation: Made a field survey; prepared the project; built the ecotrail jointly with the Banite Municipality.

Sights: the Zagrazhden River meanders in the Rhodopes - waterfalls, crevices, glades.

drinking water
picnic area
picnic shelter
coniferous vegetation
deciduous vegetation
medicinal herbs
mineral spring

Nearby Sites: Banite Spa Resort.

Duration: approximately 4 hours.

Difficulty Level: hiking trip.

Season: May - October.

Equipment: hiking equipment.

Private houses in the villages of Zagrazhden and Banite.
food service
The village of Banite.

This is the ecotrail with the largest number of bridges and ladders for crossing difficult sections. Hiring a guide is recommended.

Zagrazhden Ecotrail