Vratsa Ecotrail

hiking trail
Located: 5 km away from Vratsa.
In Use Since: 1999.
Vratsa Region


  • 1999 - Building of the ecotrail; the project is financed by, and implemented jointly with the "Vrachanski Balkan" Nature Park Administration.

BARET Participation: Created the concept design and the project; participated in building the ecotrail.

Sights: the Leva reka Valley in the nature park (the Vratsa section of the Balkan Mountains), waterfalls, alpine landscapes.

deciduous vegetation

Nearby Sites: the protected area Vrattsata, Ledenika Cave, the rock formation Bozhia most (God's Bridge).

Duration: approximately 2 hours.

Difficulty Level: moderate.

Season: April - October.

Equipment: hiking equipment.

food service
Closest: the village of Zgorigrad, the city of Vratsa.

Easy to moderate trek to the Borov kamak Waterfall and back. The park administration of "Vrachanski Balkan" ensures the upkeep of the ecotrail; renovation of some wooden structures and extension of the trail are pending.

The Borov Kamak Waterfall