South Rhodopes or "Devil's" Ecotrail

hiking trail
Located: 11 km away from Borino.
In Use Since: 1998.
Smolyan Region


  • 1998 - Building of the first part of the ecotrail, according to the initial design.
  • 2005 - Draft project to extend the ecotrail under the new name "Devil's" Trail; sponsor: Bio-B-Eco Association.

BARET Participation: Created the project; built the first part of the ecotrail; prepared a concept design to complete the trail.

Sights: the rock formation Dyavolski most (Devil's Bridge), hidden waterfalls on the Haydushki dol River (a Buynovo River tributary).

picnic area
coniferous vegetation
deciduous vegetation

Nearby Sites: Yagodina Cave, Buynovo River Gorge.

Duration: the upper section - approximately 30 min.

Difficulty Level: the upper section, up to the Devil's Bridge - easy.

Season: May - October.

Equipment: hiking equipment.

food service
Closest: the villages of Borino and Yagodina.

Only the upper section of the trail is accessible; the structures in the beginning are not in use and require replacement. Funding for the completion of the ecotrail is pending.

The Devil's Bridge