Negovanka Ecotrail

hiking trail
Located: 19 km away from Pavlikeni, 24 km from Veliko Tarnovo.
In Use Since: 1992.
Part Of: Middle Yantra Ecozone.
Veliko Tarnovo Region


  • 1992 - Creation of the ecotrail, according to Peter Petrov's idea.
  • 2001 - Renovation of the existing structures and extension of the trail to form a loop.
  • 2004-2006 - Inclusion in the Middle Yantra Ecozone, together with several new tourist sites: project Creating an Ecotourist Hinterland in the Districts of Veliko Tarnovo, Strazhitsa, Zlataritsa and Antonovo, the PHARE Development of Bulgarian Ecotourism Program.

BARET Participation: Created the project; participated in the ecotrail building, and the preparation of promotional materials.

Sights: Negovanka River Gorge, Emen Cave, Momin skok (Maiden's Leap) Waterfall.

drinking water
deciduous vegetation
bat viewing
Negovanka Dam

Nearby Sites: Hotnitsa Ecotrail , Zarapovo, Musina Karst Chasms.

Duration: approximately 3 hours.

Difficulty Level: moderate.

Season: May - October.

Equipment: hiking shoes, flashlight.

food service
Closest: the complexes "Imenieto" and "Nigovanka" in the village of Emen.

The most frequently visited ecotrail; the wooden structures were renovated in 2006.

The Negovanka River Gorge